Brain Surgery Using Hypnotherapy

Brain surgery using Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been used for the first time as an alternative to narcotic anaesthesia in deep brain surgery. The surgeons in Germany felt that hypnosis would create better results for a procedure used to correct tremors in an elderly patient. Whilst one surgeon conducted the surgery, the other maintained the patient in hypnosis, they had anaesthetists standing by in case of problems, but they were not needed. Obviously, there are huge advantages in recovery from surgery if you are not contending with the after-effects of narcotics.

This builds on work by James Esdaile conducted over 150 years ago, before the invention of narcotic anaesthesia, whereby he conducted operations under hypnosis reducing the death rate from shock by 50%, but he was accused by the then medical establishment, of making his patients just pretend they were not in pain whilst they were, for example, having their leg sawn off!

I guess at last we have recognition for Esdaile’s work and there are great opportunities for the future, especially for those for whom narcotic sedation would be dangerous. As reported in the Mirror, Dr Reichart who conducted the operation stated that this had nothing to do with esotericism or tricks of pendulum swinging magicians, credibility at last! If you want to see a hypnotherapist make sure they are properly trained, have done face to face training, not just an online qualification. All BAThH members are properly trained.


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