Released From Lockdown

Released from lockdown or are you still feeling trapped?

Being in lockdown has been tough for many and some people cannot wait to be out in the world again. But the message of fear that was used to keep us all in, leaves many afraid to go out again as that virus we were told be afraid of is still out there.

Logic dictates that the risk of catching it is still very low and if we follow the distancing and perhaps wear a mask, we will be just fine and though the death toll seems high, we are a country of 66 million people so the odds are still on your side, but logic has nothing to do with the fear that has built up over weeks whilst stuck inside, not just fear of getting ill but social anxiety is now on the rise. How to engage again, go back to work again, get up early in the morning again, get dressed again, put the make-up on or shave again.

The experience of the last few weeks has created a new pattern for our lives and we have learned that pattern, how quickly we can change, but it was quick to learn it and it can be quick to unlearn it, as fears and habits that you learn can be replaced by others.

In hypnotherapy that is what we do, work with those patterns in the subconscious mind, those learnings you have picked up and reframe them and change them.

We can talk and talk with our conscious mind, going around and around in circles, we know all the arguments but that anxious feeling inside seems to come from somewhere else and yes it does, it comes from that fight or flight response, triggered down there in your subconscious mind, there to protect you and keep you safe, but it was designed to get you away from a sabre tooth tiger, not to deal with intangible and perceived threats, we can bring in that reality check in the deeper part of your mind and work to get you back on track again, live your life again.


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