That Sunday Night Dread Feeling

That Sunday night dread feeling

I used to get a lot of that when I worked in London.  I know a lot of people who still do.  It’s not a nice feeling and you want to look at your phone to check for messages but because it’s Sunday evening, it’s your time and you don’t want to spoil it.  Sound familiar?  If you don’t look you worry if you do look it can be much the same result.  You can’t win.  So you decide to check and just spend a few moments, which then turn into hours of work, then you go to bed and you can’t get the emails out of your head and it takes hours to get to sleep.

Finally, you get to sleep and all too soon the alarm sounds and you awake groggy and in need of a bit more rest, wishing you could stay in bed a bit longer.  The feeling of lack of energy and being tired becomes an unwelcome friend.  You go through your morning routine, getting dressed, having breakfast, taking the kids to school, driving to work or sitting on the tube when you realize your mind is wandering and you are actually holding your breath and feeling sick.  Heart racing you rush into work and get straight to your desk to try and get the work done knowing that you’ve so much to do already and there is more coming at you.  No idea where to start you decide to do a bit of everything although that means that nothing actually gets done.  You procrastinate and your focus wanders and it becomes frustrating and that horrible feeling comes over you.  Feeling panicky and looking around at everyone else and wondering why they aren’t feeling the same way.

This is a simple snapshot of every day working life stress.  The modern world is busy and stressful but it doesn’t mean that we have to be stressed.   Being stressed puts us in constant fight or flight mode, which focuses on survival, stand and fight or run.   Not something we do in everyday life so we are literally like rabbits caught in the headlight and our bodies are pumping out stress hormones Cortisol and Adrenaline which make us feel sick and faint and unable to think clearly.  It’s a normal reaction to perceived danger.  Sadly our brains can’t distinguish between a difficult work meeting and being chased by a tiger, the response will be the same.

The constant attack on our bodies by stress builds up and can lead to depression, anxiety, panic attacks and generalized illnesses and can be totally debilitating.  Learning relaxation techniques and deciding how you want your life to be by taking back your own personal power can break this cycle and allow you to cope with everyday stresses with ease.  Hypnosis is an incredibly powerful tool to help you to achieve this and its wonderful to see how easily it can turn things around and allow you to become happier and calmer and generally lead a more fulfilling life.

Lesley Barker


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