Keep Your New Year Resolutions

How to keep your New Year’s resolutions

This is the time year when thoughts are on what 2022 may bring. It may be a new job or career, getting fitter, becoming a non-smoker, reducing alcohol intake, diet changes to make you feel healthier and reduce any extra fat you are carrying. The advertisements to help you achieve these goals are in abundance. Gyms are getting ready for all the new members rush, interestingly it is well documented that by the end of January gyms are less busy as much of the initial enthusiasm and motivation has withered away.

The following hints may just help you stick to and reach whatever your New Year resolutions may be.

Many of the goals you may pick are for life, for example becoming a non-smoker, getting healthier, fitter. They don’t stop as soon as you have stopped smoking for a year, or you have reached your perfect weight.
Have realistic goals. I think we must all know people who have aimed to lose a stone in weight a month, they get so hungry that as soon as they cannot resist a chocolate biscuit, they feel a complete failure and give up regaining any weight that they may have lost. If they had considered what is possible, allowing for any celebration coming up and choosing foods that are delicious, healthy and keep you feeling full.

Take into consideration what else is going on in your life for example: if you have just had a baby is training to become an elite runner for the London Marathon possible? Of course, it may well be if you have lots of childcare support and you are lucky enough to have a baby who understands that nights are for sleeping. So whatever your goal is think it through thoroughly.

Get support from friends and relations. Be selective with who you pick, choose those who will be positive and encouraging.
If possible find a new year resolution buddy, someone who has the same goal(s), a little friendly encouragement and competition can be a good motivator.

Set frequent, small achievable goals and celebrate your success.
Write your goals and how you intend to keep to them down. Seeing it in black and white is a well-recognised motivator.

When motivation is low but the desire to achieve is high it may well be worth your while arranging to see an accredited Hypnotherapist. Working with you he/she can help you get over any hurdles and achieve your goal.

BAThH prides itself on only registering Hypnotherapists who have undertaken a recognised course, where students have to pass both written and practical exams, who have to continue to study when qualified by attending study days, keeping up to date with new developments, attending peer support groups and who are insured to practice.

Maureen Williams


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