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Virtual Hypnotherapy and the power of sensory deprivation

Ever wondered how effective virtual Hypnotherapy is when compared with in-person Hypnotherapy? In this video...

The Love For A Child

The love for a child

Recently I watched a Ted Talk video called “The lies our culture tells us about...

Tips For Better Sleep

Help me sleep!

Ten Tips to Help You get a Great Night’s Sleep. FREE Guided Hypnotherapy for Sleep...


Online Hypnotherapy entering the zoom zone

Online Hypnotherapy entering the zoom zone...

Released From Lockdown

Released from lockdown or are you still feeling trapped?

Being in lockdown has been tough for many and some people cannot wait to be...

Brain Surgery Using Hypnotherapy

Brain surgery using Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been used for the first time as an alternative to narcotic anaesthesia in...

Keep Your New Year Resolutions

How to keep your New Year’s resolutions

This is the time year when thoughts are on what 2022 may bring. It may...

That Sunday Night Dread Feeling

That Sunday night dread feeling

I used to get a lot of that when I worked in London.  I know...

Fear Of Blood

Fear of blood

What is blood phobia? It is an irrational fear or phobia of blood and it...

What Is Hypnotherapy

What is IBS? Can Hypnotherapy help?

IBS affects the digestion, let us see how it works – the digestive process involves...


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